Special Events Security

With over 25 years of experience, FTP Security Services provides professional security personnel, consultation, and celebrity protection for large-scale events such as trade shows, concerts, outdoor festivals and sporting events and for smaller-scale gatherings such as shareholder meetings and conferences. Focusing on controlled entry, security searches, crowd management, ushers and theft prevention, FTP Security analyzes each engagement and provides specialized service ensuring your event remains orderly, safe and free of crime.

Special events present distinct security challenges based on the unique requirements of each event’s program and location. FTP Security Services begins each commitment with client meetings to carefully review the security needs at each stage of the event; set up, peak attendance, and break down. Based on our findings, we develop a meticulous security plan and select a security team with the right experience and training for each task and post.

Events include:

  • Sporting
  • Red Carpet
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Parades
  • Share Holders’ Meeting
  • Conferences
  • Papal Visits