Tactical Knife Training

This intense 4-hour training block takes the student beyond the basics and focuses on intermediate skills for carrying and deploying a knife.

Emphasis on developing combined skills and tactical application of the knife takes the knife operator to the next level.


The following knife training topics will be covered:

  • Knife deployment, use and safety.
  • Knife characteristics and selection.
  • Utilizing various striking surfaces of the knife.
  • Carrying a knife and accessibility.
  • Tactical deployment and application.
  • Mental conditioning and combat mindset.
  • Enhanced tactical aptitude.
  • Principal rules of using a knife in self-defense.
  • Threat cues and assessment.
  • Edged weapon attack variables and recognition.
  • Intermediate edged weapon striking techniques.
  • Understanding application and effects of knife strikes.
  • Identifying primary and secondary targets.
  • Flow, feedback and reactive targets.
  • Standoff capabilities of the knife.
  • Direct contact and lateral movement.
  • Close quarter flow techniques.